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If we pay attention to Anatolia, where we live in, through its History we see that it is the place all great religions, philosophies were born and spread out over the World. Meeting many different civilizations, cultures here consequently enriched Turkish Culture.

All civilizations in Anatolia always followed beauties. Variety of plants and animals lived in this prosperous nature helped development of creativeness. This gorgeousness of the nature was engraved on the stones, metal and glass by tears and sweat.

Conventional Turkish arts is a kind of mosaic of which inherits of different civilizations lived in Anatolia throughout the centuries. Many items of our national cultural art, named today as handicraft arts, are being lost or tend to be disappeared. When compared with western countries many handicraft arts still exist in our country albeit today they have lost their former beauty and are falling back.

Therefore, exhibition of the masterpieces; creating awareness, contributing also to recognition and protecting of our own society, our culture, cultural and artistic values in an accurate environment in which  their function in society and historical line is well reflected, is very important.

Starting with this idea, we have tried to regroup and classify the works realized in Republican era,for the handicraft of our country, in terms of definition and content from a scientific and systematic point of view.

To achieve these objectives we would like to announce that our website is open for everyone who would like to share articles, information and samples related to “Traditional Turkish Arts “

We thank you very much for your interest.


İde Sanat
İde Geleneksel Sanatlar- Birsen Malkoç



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Born in Edirne,1961 Graduated from Istanbul Technical University Electric-Electronics Faculty in 1984. Between 1998 and 2002 attended Culture and Tourism Ministery ‘s tezhip and miniature course for 4 years in İzmir Painting and Sculpture Museum. She retired from...
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Birsen Malkoç
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