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Aba (Cloak)

Aba, is a robust, rough, thick, and a collarless suit, made of woven wool; processed in wood counterman established at slightly below ground level.

In the original version; ox, horse, donkey, goat hair and wool was woven in natural colors.

Aba, with colorful embroidered, is colored with madder. In the brocade Aba, gold or silver brocade is embroidered on.

Cloaks are named according to the; rope type, color, the motif, height, size, and the region, used.

There are varieties such as;
Syria (Homs) aba,
Indigenous aba (red, black, navy blue and earth-colored),
embroidered aba,
Hair aba,
Short aba 
long aba.

Maras and Urfa are other kind’s aba, with fewer motives at the back side.

Aba, formerly in the villages, was used for various purposes. Wealthy people dressed brocade aba in weddings and special occasions, and the folk such as guards, shepherds, farmers dressed plain and colorful embroidered aba.

Aba, which is also used in folk dancers clothing, is a protective suit in cold winter.

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