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Knitting is a form of braiding produced via such procedures as plain knitting, purl knitting, increasing, decreasing, closing, loop stitches, stitch removing, stitch slipping and stitch rotating by using one, two or five knitting needles and woollen, cotton or silken yarns.  

The braid is grouped as 'cabled, knotted, thin' and 'knotless, tight and thick' knitting.

The examples and especially the fishnets revealed during the Memphis excavation in 1905 show that people knew the technique of knitting in 2000 BC. Needle knitting passed on from Anatolia to Balkans in the 12th Century and from there to Europe through Italy (1).

Via knitting, such products as jumpers, cardigans, waistcoats, scarves, gloves, bonnets, çetik (bootees), socks, coffee grinder cases and pincushions. Coffee grinder cases are distinguished from these examples with their functionality and in Çorum, one can see very interesting examples that are wall-hung with yarns gathered from the body. As for bonnets and gloves, examples made especially of angora are seen in Erzurum and Sivas, while examples made of wool with varying number of fingers can be found in Afyon and Akşehir.

In knitting, the widely used material used to be wool. In Ayaş, Sivas, Erzurum and Van, however, examples of angora can be seen. In many areas, these natural materials have been substituted with artificial materials and Orlon yarns with time. In Van and Sivas, interesting works are produced with the combination of angora and Orlon yarns.





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