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Sille is in 8 km North East of Konya city .The people of Sille headed towards to handicrafts since the land with mountains is not appropriate for agriculture. Sille carpets are special and unique with their features of motifs, patterns and woven structure.

Generally wool material and natural dyes are used. The carpets are mainly for covering floor. They were usually woven and used as double. There are also the types of one-piece for lounge. The types for sofa and praying rug are not many. The types with the dimensions; 380*170 (cm), 420*170 (cm) are common ones.

In recent years carpets are woven with 120 knots in 10 centimeter square.

They have usually 3 - 5 centers.  The patterns and motifs, dominated on the carpets are generally; almond, center and medallion. On small rugs and praying rugs there are opposing columns.

The carpets are carrying the impacts of Phrygian art and culture. Dominated color on the carpets is red.

The local people has explored and used plenty dark red dye, called vermilion, made out of cinnabar unearthed from mercury mines in Sızma, at weaving for years.

The soil and root paint, ensuring the quality, have been deriving from Sille clay paint quarries and flora for thousands of years.

Buckthorn is very important and valuable plant due to planting and using areas. It takes an important place in weaving industry. Other colors are light yellow, light green, black, pink, blue and cream colors.

Local people of Sille prepare the material for the carpet themselves. The secrets of preparation, methods and techniques were transferred from father to son. The impacts of the culture before Islam and after Islam can be seen on the carpets.
All these differences and superior quality gained fame to Sille carpets. Therefore, carpet making is highly common in Sille.



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     Hasan Özönder, Korunması ve Onarılması Gereken Bir Sanat Bölgemiz Sille/Konya, İÜ Ed.Fak. Araştırma Mrk. V. Milli Türkoloji Kongresi, İstanbul 1983

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