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Gilamik Weaving / Antalya

Gilamik is used to define cocoon silk in the district of Ormana in Antalya.

In gilamik weavings, yarns (cotton and silk) obtained from vegetative and animal fibres are used on simple fabric groups. 

Formerly used for garments, this weaving type is currently utilized for indoor decorations in line with the fashions, tastes and needs of our modern day.

These silken weavings are produced with a width of 40-56 cm on looms known as düzen in Ormana with the bezayağı technique, using silk, cotton, coloured yarns and purl.

Today, colours and purls have been added to the traditionally natural white colour of these weavings.   



Öznur Aydın, Antalya/ Ibradı Ormana Beldesi Gılamık Dokumacılığı, 10.Ulusal El Sanatları Sempozyum bildirileri, DEÜ, GSF, 2009

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