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Products created by passing two or more groups of yarn through, under or above each other in various forms are called ‘weaving’.

The simplest form of weaving is referred to as ‘cloth’ (bez) or bezayagi weaving

Weavings are produced by passing horizontal yarns (weft, argaç) through, under or above vertical yarns (warp, ariş).

If the pattern is obtained by using the horizontal yarns (wefts), the product is called 'weft-faced weaving', while patterns obtained with the vertical yarns are called 'warp-faced weaving'.

Each of these weavings has their own specific weaving technique, ornamentation technique and type with differences even in terms of their area of use. 

Source:Bekir Deniz, Osmanlı Dönemi Düz Dokuma Yaygıları, Osmanlı Kültür ve Sanat, Ankara 1999


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