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Born in Edirne,1961

Graduated from Istanbul Technical University Electric-Electronics Faculty in 1984. Between 1998 and 2002 attended Culture and Tourism Ministery ‘s tezhip  and miniature course for 4 years in İzmir Painting and Sculpture Museum. She retired from Electrical Engineering profession and continued her education in Dokuz Eylül University Traditional Arts Faculty(DEU GSF) and graduated in 2006.

Worked as a trainee in Semih İrteş (architect and muralist) and Hatice Aksu’s workshops. She worked in ceramic artist Tüzüm Kızılcan’s atelier and performed Turkish design and miniatures on ceramics. Her thesis subject was 1. Ahmed’s album which was prepared beginning of the 17th century by Kalender Pasha for 1.Ahmed and kept  in Topkapı Palace Museum.

From the view of promoting the components of our rich culture, benefiting from latest technological opportunities, in a more holistic and comprehensive way and to enable assessment of products as it deserves, she decided to prepare this site (idesanat.com).

There are very personel and joint exhibitions of the artist.

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Birsen Malkoç
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